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As the saying goes, ‘We Are What We Eat’. It is crucial we have natural and clean food - food that is sustainably grown with highest standards in health and food safety with reduced environmental footprint.


Aqua Biotech is a critical vehicle to drive the supply of Blue Foods and Green Growth in the food industry to benefit humanity.


This is the principle that SEATOBAG®’s driving force for our Today’s innovations for Tomorrow’s Aquaculture industry. Tapping into our Aqua Biotech - Miiiome™ Technology-Aquaculture, enhances our Miiiome™ Aquaculture System (MAS) to enable aquaculture farming to be ecologically efficient, environmentally sustainable and economically viable. It is a steadfast effort by the team of scientists and management at SEATOBAG®.


Our Story


In 2018, SEATOBAG® is founded to bring the freshest seafood from the world's second-largest uninhabited mangrove island, Pulau Kukup to the tables of consumers. Pulau Kukup’s cooler water with higher oxygen level is a rich fish nursery and since 1979, this is home to many aquaculture farms on water where the freshest seafood is cultivated for the table. Every day, several tons of seafood originate from these waters to feed us.


However, this rich biodiversity of that sea is at high risk of being adversely affected. The livelihood of the fish farmers will not be sustainable if they continue with current farming practices.   

Albert Tay, Managing Director and Founder, SEATOBAG®, sees the sustainability challenge for Pulau Kukup’s Ecosystem as well as the future of Aquaculture on the island. He believes with today’s advancement in science and technology, much more can be done.

Hence, SEATOBAG® pioneered LACTOSEAFOOD® to ensure healthier and richer seafood through improved livestock gut health, and at the same time, to promote restorative properties in the livestock’s natural habitat.


Today, SEATOBAG® is an Aqua Biotech company that thrives with Miiiome™ Technology-Aquaculture to innovate and deliver sustainable aquaculture farming solutions that produce Blue Foods for humanity and a Green Growth Aquaculture Industry. SEATOBAG® is at the forefront of  sustainable aquaculture farming, enabling foods to heal the planet with our proprietary Aqua Biotech for aquaculture.


It All Started With the Mangrove Ecosystem


Mangrove Ecosystem is of great productivity and biodiversity to humanity: this ecosystem provides plant products, as filtration of terrestrial runoff, act as coastal stabilisation against storm impacts, and as an excellent nursery ground for fisheries species.


Do you know mangrove forest is the natural “negative emission technology” for the planet? The mangrove trees absorb carbon from the air to grow its trunk, leaves and stems, and when these fall into the water, the carbon is sealed off from the air, remaining trapped underground for millennia. These super trees can store 5 – 10X as much carbon as an acre of rainforest!


Besides being a ‘carbon sink’ to mitigate climate change, the Mangrove Ecosystem is a hotspot of biodiversity as they form the foundation for highly productive and biologically rich ecosystems. These ecosystems play host to a rich biological diversity of plants, animals and microorganisms. Microbes, an important component of the mangrove environment serves as a valuable source for many biotechnology products for medicinal compounds like vitamins, antitumor agents, immunosuppressants and enzymes.

SEATOBAG® Microbiome Technology

SEATOBAG® focus our R&I in understanding the Mangrove Microbial Ecosystem and explore the potential of microbial diversity for its applications in aquaculture. We innovate and develop Miiiome™ Aquaculture System (MAS) that is modeled after the life-giving mangrove ecosystem. Miiiome™ Aquaculture System (MAS) comprises of the proprietary Miiiome™ Biosphere Farming System and Miiiome™ Aquafeed. MAS is a mangrove ecosystem that allows a beneficial multifactorial biologically ecosystem to form, leading to a better microbial environment and an increase in biodiversity. Fishes farmed in this improved environment demonstrate better growth rate and healthier state with tastier protein for consumption. Aquaculture farmers gain improved FCR with reduce environment footprint.


Green Growth and Blue Food with Miiiome™ Aquaculture System

SEATOBAG® practices aquaculture farming with focus on aligning to the Environment, Social and Governance model. Our off-shored fish farm uses Miiiome™ Aquaculture System (MAS) to farm with Miiiome™ Ring Farming System and produce LACTOSEAFOOD® that is accredited with Singapore Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice, with Miiiome™ Aquafeed.


Miiiome™ Aquaculture System (MAS) This is a mangrove ecosystem that allows a beneficial multifactorial biologically ecosystem to form, leading to a better microbial environment and an increase in biodiversity. Fishes farmed in this improved environment demonstrate better growth rate and healthier state with higher nutrient level and tastier protein for consumption. Aquaculture farmers gain improved FCR with reduce environment footprint.

Green Growth with MiiiomeTM Aquaculture System


Environmentally green and sustainable

  • Incorporating beneficial postbiotics, paraprobiotics and microbes that enhances and strengthen the microbiomes in the fishes and the surrounding environment, increasing microbiome diversity and biodiversity.

  • Leads to environmental modification that increases the beneficial fish microbes and enhances protease producing microbes that aids the breakdown of protein.

  • The spatial competitiveness of the good microbes will suppress the bad and disease-causing bacteria, thus resulting in a significant reduction of pathogens’ load.

Improves fish quality and vitality

  • A healthy gut will enable the fish to grow faster, leading to an improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).

  • A better immunomodulatory potential will increase phagocytes, leading to an improved disease control and better protection.

  • A healthier gut is stress alleviating for the fish, especially when farmed in a high-density capacity. Good gut microbiota will allow the fish to absorb nutrients better leading to a nutritionally better tasting fish.

All of the above will significantly decrease fish mortality, resulting in a better harvest.

Mangrove Microbiome was studied, characterised and dissected using DNA, molecular and microbiological techniques to select the array of beneficial microbes that will greatly enhance the health and vitality of the fishes and other sea-life. The beneficial microbes were cultured, and the good metabolites were enhanced and concentrated into Postbiotics and incorporated into Miiiome™ Aquafeed (MA) pellets.

With SEATOBAG® Miiiome™ Aquafeed,
farmers are enabled to:


  • Increase efficiency of Feed Conversion Rate (FCR)

  • Farm their livestock without any antibiotics and growth hormones

  • Increase the welfare of their livestock with enhanced immunity

  • Lower Mortality Rate 

  • Promote Growth Rate of their fishes

  • Richer tasting and more nutritional seafood 

  • Reduce environment footprint


Producing Blue Food with Miiiome™ Aquafeed

With SEATOBAG® Microbiome Technology,  Your Aquaculture Farming is made:




Environmentally Sustainable




SEATOBAG® Being Part of the Community:


Improvement Program


Signatory Member of


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Recognised as Technology Readiness (TRL)  Level 8


Our People


Dr Chia Tet Fatt

Scientific Advisor

A research scientist and a teaching professor by training, he holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, M.Sc. in Tissue Culture, B.Sc.(Hons) in Biology and PGDipTHE in university teaching. A research scholar with the National University of Singapore and a research fellowship with Singapore's National Science and Technology Board (presently A'STAR), he has extensive experience in research and development of new technologies. He has been in the academia for over two decades with the Institute of Molecular Biology, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. During this period, he made major discoveries, inventions, patents and published over 80 journal papers, conference papers and books. He is recognised for his scientific achievements and noteworthy breakthroughs such as the fabrication of the DNA particle gun, the world's first genetically engineered glowing orchid, GM resveratrol lettuce through metabolites pathway diversion, cancer gene therapy via biolistics, dynamic isolation and DNA profiling of bacteria and rapid molecular diagnostics of viruses. 

In 2010, he started Otemchi, a Biotechnology company specializing in Lactobacillus Technology for plant health, animal health and human health to address the impending world's anti-microbial resistance (AMR) superbug pandemic. The company has since obtained ISO22000 and cGMP accreditations and had expanded into Malaysia in 2016 under the BioNexus status awarded by the Malaysian government. Otemchi Biotechnologies has achieved breakthroughs in developing the world’s first high intensity monoculture of antibiotics-free broiler chickens through Lactobacillus technology, functional food (broiler chicken) with high lutein, tropical marine fish with Omega 3 fatty acids content higher than cold water salmon and Nutribiotic fertiliser which produces vegetables with 5-10x higher phytonutrients than normal vegetables. In May 2016 Otemchi released high performance human grade probiotic and postbiotic Lactobacilli supplements for gut and general health. In Sept 2017, further R&D resulted in the enhanced AXT fermented postbiotic powder that is heat and pressure stable with far superior probiotics properties. This discovery opens the opportunities in the food and health market, converting normal everyday food like biscuits and noodles into health and wellness food.

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