Frequently Asked Questions


Our LACTOSEAFOOD® technology is a scientific breakthrough in modern aquaculture that elevates seafood quality though improved livestock gut health and natural habitat restoration. In partnership with Otemchi Biotechnologies, SEATOBAG livestocks are raised in premium quality feeds and a proprietary PROBIOTICS (Lactobacillus) technology.

How are the products kept FROZEN FRESH?

We are committed into ensuring our products are harvested, cleaned, packed and frozen within an hour. This is a huge part of how we capture the elusive freshness we all long for in our seafood. Our packaging process also involves coating every piece with lactobacillus which significantly diminish the potential growth of any harmful bacteria prior to consumption.

What makes your seafood HEALTHIER?

Our LACTOSEAFOOD® farming technology organically rears our livestock in a propietary strain of lactobacillus which greatly improves the gut health of our fishes. A healthy fish living in healthy conditions are ideal to produce better nutritional yield. Our fishes have been tested to show higher Omega-3 fatty acid retention and up to 25% more on both Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats. These are all directly beneficial to human consumers as they are known to help manage multiple health risks and maintain a healthy balance in our system

What do you mean by SUSTAINABLE?

An incredible 17% of the protein people eat already comes from the sea, and demand is set to rise by 40% by 2050. In SEATOBAG, our goal is to provide sustainable, reliable protein source for the planet. This is an area of research which we are actively partnering with Otemchi Biotechnologies to cultivate an exceptionally superior and healthier fish stock fed with Lactobacillus, that is also better for the environment (source) In the fish farms and laboratory tests, LACTOSEAFOOD® farming showed remarkable results: improved fish appetite, growth performance, flesh quality and reduced malformations, while ensuring efficient use of the sea resources. Our LACTOSEAFOOD® farming also benefits the fish's natural habitat by introducing beneficial bacteria that helps restore the water's pristine conditions making it ideal for our fish stock to grow healthier and yield higher nutritional values.

Do I really want to get frozen seafood?

Close to 90 percent of the seafood we eat is transported from somewhere else. Within that, the "vast majority", around 80-85 percent but likely higher, has been frozen at some point. There really is no difference. The clock never moves backward when it comes to freshness. If a fish is caught, handled well and frozen immediately, you literally stop the clock. This is what we in SEATOBAG call FROZEN FRESH. Nothing is lost when fish is frozen. Click here for further reading

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! Please head over to our shop page to view our online collection. Bookmark us as we continue to update our range.

Can I choose the size of my fish?

Yes. Our premium SEATOBAG outlets in Singapore and Johor Bahru are always stocked with our fish products in various sizes fitting to to your need. For our online orders, we manage our logistical efforts by a pre-determined size range you can conveniently choose from.

Do you have wholesale prices?

Yes. SEATOBAG provides wholesale packages that will suit your need. You may contact us through for details

Is there any promotion on your products?

SEATOBAG runs timely promotions suiting our customers needs. Please follow our social media sites for updates on both online and in-store offers.

What is/are your delivery timing/s?

Deliveries are scheduled from 1100 to 1300 each day (except Mondays) Orders completed and paid before 1700 will be delivered on the next business day Orders completed and paid after 1700 will be delivered after 2 business days Please visit our Shipping, Delivery & Returns page for full details.

How long can i store the products?

Thanks to our 1 hour sea to bag processing technology, we in SEATOBAG are able to guarantee a minimum of 30 days (usually longer) of freezer life on each of the products we ship out / sell.