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Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (Fermented)


Mangrove Microbiome was studied, characterised and dissected using DNA, molecular and microbiological techniques to select the array of beneficial microbes that will greatly enhance the health and vitality of the fishes and other sea-life. The selected beneficial microbes were cultured, and the good metabolites were enhanced and concentrated into biocrobeX™ that is incorporated to formulate into Miiiome™ Aqua Feed.

With SEATOBAG® Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (Fermented), Aquaculture Farmers are enabled to:


  • Increase efficiency of Feed Conversion Rate (FCR)

  • Farm without antibiotics nor growth hormones

  • Increase the welfare of their livestock with enhanced immunity

  • Lower Mortality Rate 

  • Promote Growth Rate of their fishes

  • Richer tasting and more nutritional seafood 

  • Reduce environment footprint




For more information, please contact us.

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