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Miiiome Aquaculture System (MAS)


Miiiome™ Aquaculture System (MAS) is modelled after the life-giving mangrove ecosystem. Miiiome™ Aquaculture System (MAS) comprises of the Miiiome™ Biosphere Farming System and Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (Fermented). MAS allows a beneficial multifactorial biologically ecosystem to form, leading to a better microbial environment and an increase in biodiversity. Fishes farmed in this improved environment demonstrate better growth rate and healthier state with tastier protein for consumption. Aquaculture farmers gain improved FCR, better Growth Rate and lowered Mortality Rate with reduce environment footprint.


Environmentally Green and Sustainable

  • Incorporating beneficial postbiotics, paraprobiotics and microbes that enhances and strengthen the microbiomes in the fishes and the surrounding environment, increasing microbiome diversity and biodiversity.


  • Leads to environmental modification that increases the beneficial fish microbes and enhances protease producing microbes that aids the breakdown of protein.


  • The spatial competitiveness of the good microbes will suppress the bad and disease-causing bacteria, thus resulting in a significant reduction of pathogens’ load.



Improves Fish Quality and Vitality

  • A healthy gut will enable the fish to grow faster, leading to an improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).


  • A better immunomodulatory potential will increase phagocytes, leading to an improved disease control and better protection.


  • A healthier gut is stress alleviating for the fish, especially when farmed in a high-density capacity. Good gut microbiota will allow the fish to absorb nutrients better leading to a nutritionally better tasting fish.

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