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LACTOSEAFOOD® Golden Snapper
  • LACTOSEAFOOD® Golden Snapper

    SEATOBAG® LACTOSEAFOOD® Fishes are farmed sustainably using our proprietary microbiome biotechnology solution - Miiiome™ Aquaculture System (MAS). MAS comprising of  Miiiome™ Biosphere Farming System and Miiiome™ Aquafeed, is modelled after the life-giving Mangrove Microbial Ecosystem.

    Using MAS for our farming, LACTOSEAFOOD® fishes retain their optimal nutritional value and are farmed WITHOUT antibiotics and chemicals. This ensues safer and healthier seafood for our daily consumption. Consequently, the waters we farmed in exhibited improvement in balancing the ocean microbiome with greater biodiversity.

    SEATOBAG® Miiiome™ Aquaculture System (MAS) enables aquaculture farming to be ecologically efficient and environmentally sustainable to produce quality Blue Food for your safe consumption.


    Descaled, cleaned, individually vacuum packed for utmost hygiene and convenience. 


      LACTOSEAFOOD® fishes are farmed with Miiiome™ Aquafeed:

      √ Improves Fish Gut Health to harvest quality Functional Food with up to 22 X higher in Omega -3 retention, 25% more Monounsaturated Fat and Polyunsaturated Fat.


      √ Assured of Food Safety – farmed without Antibiotics and Growth Hormones


      √ Freshness Kept Intact – Harvesting, descaling, gutting, cleaning, vacuum – packed with a spray of postbiotics and finally to freezer, all within an hour! The packing process of coating every piece with postbiotics is to significantly diminish any potential growth of harmful bacteria as well as keeping the seafood fresh prior to consumption.


      √ Promotes beneficial microbial environment in which our fishes are farmed in.

    • Thawing Instructions

      Submerge the fish with its packaging in a bowl of water and leave for 15-20 minutes.

      After defrosting, remove the from package, rinse and cook immediately for best results.