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biocrobeX™ Postbiotic for Aquaculture

Postbiotics are healthy by-products produced by probiotics through fermentation. They contain metabolites and have several health benefits, including antibacterial effects and enhanced immunity. Postbiotics have several advantages over probiotics, such as ease of production, storage, and scalability for industrial production. They also have a specific mechanism of action and are more likely to elicit targeted responses.

SEATOBAG® harnesses the power of postbiotics for sustainable and healthy aquaculture farming.


How does biocrobeX™
affect fish immunity and
disease resistance

biocrobeX™ Postbiotic boosts fish immunity and fights disease by regulating gut bacteria, stimulating the immune system, and increasing antioxidant and immune gene activity.


How does biocrobeX™
improve fish meat quality and flavour

biocrobeX™ Postbiotic enhances fish meat quality and taste by regulating gut microbiota, affecting free amino acids and fatty acids, which are key indicators of flavour and nutrition.


How does biocrobeX™
act as a bio preservative

biocrobeX™ Postbiotic is a non-viable microbial product produced during fermentation or enzymatic treatment of food. It has antimicrobial properties that prevent spoilage bacteria growth, extending food freshness.

Research Reference:

Postbiotics as Dynamic Biological Molecules for Antimicrobial Activity: A Mini-Review Comparison of gut microbial communities, free amino acids or fatty acids contents in the muscle of wild Aristichthys nobilis from Xinlicheng reservoir and Chagan lake, Jan 2022 Gut Microbiota and Energy Homeostasis in Fish, 2019

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