SEATOBAG® For Sustainability

With growth in world population and income, along with marine protein’s heart-healthy benefit and wild caught supply declining, Aquaculture production is projected to reach 109 mil tons in 2030. To support this increasing growth trend, Aquaculture Industry needs to embrace comprehensive sustainability measures and action on sustainable outcomes.


SEATOBAG® want Aquaculture to be right from the start and not become another feedlot industry in the ocean. 


We commit to develop technologies for a sustainable, robust and resilient food system to bring environmental, health and social benefits for global economies.


We practice aquaculture farming responsibly as it is one of the most environmentally sustainable ways to produce food and protein. The health benefits of seafood can improve nutrition and food security to many communities.


Our technology innovations sustain Green Growth in Aquaculture. A sustainable aquaculture industry creates stable employment and sustainable economic growth. Working waterfronts and coastal communities are supported as well as driving employments relatable to Aquaculture like seafood processing, feed and equipment manufacturing.


Tapping into our Microbiome Technology, our aquaculture farming practice reduce water pollution, often boosts natural production and species diversity and balancing the microbiome in the waters we farmed.


SEATOBAG® microbiome technology and products enable aquaculture farmers to sustainably farm livestock without chemicals, enjoy healthier harvest with lowered mortality, better growth rate and efficient FCR. These farmers farm responsibly and sustainably to prevent any further degeneration of the ocean and coastal communities while creating social-economic benefits and contributing farmed quality Blue Food for world consumption.


SEATOBAG® works closely with Aquaculture Farmers in ensuring sustainable efficiency for industry growth and sustainability for the environment. Collaborations with industrial players allow us to further develop technological innovations to promote sustainable development to use the ocean.