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SEATOBAG® For Sustainability


As the world population and income continue to grow, so does the demand for marine protein due to its heart-healthy benefits. With the supply of wild-caught seafood depleting, aquaculture production is projected to reach 109 million tons by 2030. To support this growth, it is imperative for the Aquaculture Industry to adopt comprehensive sustainability measures and act towards sustainable outcomes.


At SEATOBAG®, we believe in doing aquaculture right from the start, ensuring it does not become another feedlot industry in the ocean.


We are committed to developing technologies that promote a sustainable, robust, and resilient food system. Our aim is to bring about environmental, health, and social benefits for global economies.


In our inaugural voluntary Sustainability Report 2021, we delve into our Environmental, Social, and Governance performance and impact. We provide insights into how SEATOBAG®’s biotechnology solutions can tackle the challenge of food security and cater to the needs of a growing global population.


Looking ahead, our management team is driven and confident in our ability to enhance our contributions to the aquaculture value chain.

SEATOBAG® Sustainability Report 2021

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