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Research and Development:
Achieving Optimal Farming Results
with Customisation in Aqua Feeds

SEATOBAG® is committed to developing biotechnological solutions for sustainable aquaculture. Their R&D team creates aqua feeds with biocrobeX™ Postbiotic to meet the dietary needs of different aquatic species, promoting growth and productivity while reducing waste and environmental impact.

These newly developed aqua feeds are evaluated on specific aqua farms under ‘real life conditions” and benchmarked against commercial feeds to better gauge their efficiency in delivering the desired benefits. 

29-Day Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (Fermented) Trial Report >

SEATOBAG® harnesses the power of postbiotics for sustainable and healthy aquaculture farming 


biocrobeX™ Postbiotic For Controlling Shrimp Farming Diseases


Field Trials Evaluation

Control v.s. Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (After 30 Days)
(L. vannamei)


Control: The hepatopancreas is noticeably smaller as well as its intestines are not of evident capacity, thus putting it to be more susceptible to bacterial infection.

Miiiome™ Aqua Feed: The hepatopancreas is evidently bigger to enable shrimp to digest, assimilate, and store nutrients for tissue growth and energy consumption.

Control v.s. Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (After 30 Days)
(C. auratus)


Control: The specimen has a smaller abdomen, dull dark in colour and comparatively smaller in body size.

Miiiome™ Aqua Feed: Specimen Shows full abdomen, brighter gloss and larger body size.

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