Healthier Seafood From Farms to Tables

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LACTOSEAFOOD® range of fishes is sustainably farmed to give you healthier seafood that is free of chemical and antibiotics.


SEATOBAG® LACTOSEAFOOD® technology resulted in richer, healthier and safe seafoods for the consumers, and provides restorative attributes to the Ecosystem.


SEATOBAG®  LACTOSEAFOOD® is proud to have the accreditations from Singapore Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice, Malaysia MeSTI and HACCP.


What People Say

"My wife stumbled upon this seafood shop in Sunset way and got the Threadfin. we steamed the Threadfin with soy sauce and ginger. The sweetness and smooth texture of the fish was unlike those that we usually get from the wet market. It was truly outstanding as though it was wild caught. Highly recommended"

- Daryl Koh, Singapore

Healthier Seafood From Farms to Tables

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Frequently Asked Questions



LACTOSEAFOOD® is the better-tasting and healthier seafood bred without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. Our proprietary technology leverages probiotics (lactobacillus) to boost the gut health of fishes, which in turn, improves their immunity against disease-causing bacteria, and has better nutrient absorption ability. This ameliorates our harvest, giving you quality seafood that contains higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Why is LACTOSEAFOOD® the heathier seafood?

LACTOSEAFOOD® are reared organically and carries the Healthier Choice Logo awarded by the Health Promotion Board. Our fishes have been tested to show higher Omega-3 fatty acid retention and up to 25% more on both Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats. Omega-3 is sciencifically proven to be beneficial to our health and it is always better to obtain these nutrients from food. These help us to manage multiple health risks and maintain a healthy balance in our system.

Why is LACTOSEAFOOD® fresher?

SEATOBAG® is committed into ensuring our products are harvested, cleaned, packed and frozen within an hour. This is a huge part of how we capture the elusive freshness we all long for in our seafood. Our packaging process also involves coating every piece with lactobacillus which significantly diminish the potential growth of any harmful bacteria prior to consumption

Our Seafood

What is sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood is seafood farmed in ways that consider the long-term vitality of harvested species and the well-being of the oceans, as well as the livelihoods of fisheries-dependent communities. At SEATOBAG®, our goal is to provide sustainable, reliable seafood without putting additional stress on the planet ecosystem. This is an area of research which we are actively partnering with scientist to bring the best of sustainable seafood to you. Our LACTOSEAFOOD® farming benefits the fish's natural habitat by introducing beneficial bacteria that helps restore the water's pristine conditions making it ideal for our fish stock to grow healthier, thus yielding higher nutritional values. We have also achieved results in cultivating exceptionally superior and healthier feeds that showed remarkable results such as improved fish appetite, growth performance, flesh quality and reduced malformations.

Are your fish farmed-raised or wild-caught

Many are going for wild-caught seafood believing that they are fresher and healthier. However, much wild-caught seafood has traveled a great distance before reaching our table and some may have a significantly higher level of mercury than farm-raised seafood. Our fishes are farmed in the rich and diverse waters of Pulau Kukup, Johor Bahru, Malaysia because we believe this is the best way to produce a reliable supply of healthier seafood in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner. We regulate the feed for our fish ensuring they grow up healthy without the toxins.

Why do you vacuum packed your seafood?

Vacuum packaging eliminates the need for chemical preservatives while keeping the seafood fresh. We added this layer of protection to prevents the seafood from becoming dehydrated by keeping well the flavours, texture, and moisture.With the right technology, our seafood can last longer without the use of preservatives. You will also get a hassle-free exprience and much more taste out of your stored seafood as vacuum sealing helps to preserve nutritional value.

Orders & Deliveries

Do you deliver?

Yes. We deliver the seafood to your doorsteps from 1100 to 1300 each day (except Mondays). Orders received and paid before 1700 will be delivered on the next business day. Orders received and paid after 1700 will be delivered after 2 business days.

Can i choose the size of my fish?

Yes. Our premium SEATOBAG® outlets in Singapore and Johor Bahru are always stocked with our fish products in various sizes fitting to to your need. For our online orders, we manage our logistical efforts by a pre-determined size range you can conveniently choose from.

What payment method do you accept?

We currently accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.


Do you run any promotions?

SEATOBAG® runs timely promotions suiting our customers needs. Please follow our social media sites for updates on both online and in-store offers.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes. SEATOBAG® provides wholesale packages that will suit your need. You may contact us through for details.