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Journey from Our Farm To You


LACTOSEAFOOD® Fishes are farmed in an enhanced Microbial Environment

  • Promotes ability to recycle primary elements that make up all living systems like Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen in the water.

  • Conducive environment for our fishes to grow healthily and naturally.

  • Greatly contribute towards maintaining sustainability of the ocean environment.


LACTOSEAFOOD® Sustainably Farmed with Miiiome Aqua Feed (Fermented)

LACTOSEAFOOD® fishes are sustainably farmed without antibiotics and chemicals to retain their natural goodness.


LACTOSEAFOOD® Food Safety and Freshness Guaranteed

LACTOSEAFOOD® fishes are harvested from our farm to be cleaned, scaled, gutted, individually sprayed with postbiotics then vacuum-packed and froze at our Processing Facility. Our processing of our harvest to cold storage is completed strictly within an hour to ensure food safety and freshness of LACTOSEAFOOD®.

LACTOSEAFOOD® Stays in Optimum Freshness

Our vacuum-packed frozen fresh LACTOSEAFOOD® are hygienically handled, packed and sealed in cartons and stored in our Cold Storage Facility. LACTOSEAFOOD® fishes are stored in ideal freezing condition to retain optimal freshness for your consumption.


LACTOSEAFOOD® From Farm to Tables

Our vacuum-packed frozen fresh LACTOSEAFOOD® in sealed cartons are hygienically handled and transported in refrigerated trucks from our Cold Storage Facility to our retail stores at Johor Bahru and Singapore directly.

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