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Probiotics are often supplemented to provide extra ‘Factories’ in the gut to utilize Prebiotics to create metabolites. This precise fermentation inputs and processes create beneficial metabolites – Postbiotics in the host.



Postbiotics are the emerging ‘healthful metabolites of probiotics’ in the functional foods field because they are stable to support health and promotes well-begin with secretion of supplementary nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), and polyamines. Fermented foods like Sauerkraut, Miso Soup, Sourdough Bread, Tempeh, just to name a few, help increase concentration of postbiotics in the guts for humans.



And, Postbiotics work the same magic in livestock too. With the specific selection of microbes when creating a distinctive and effective postbiotic, this postbiotic can optimise the intestinal microbiota, reduce pathogen pressure, support gut morphology and boost natural immunity of the livestock. As such, that gives rise to  the consistent ability to help livestock to be resilient and reach high productivity growth. Due to its powerful health benefits, postbiotics become a strong tool to produce quality and high nutrient-density protein in a profitable and sustainable way. 

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