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Innovating for Sustainability In Aquaculture

SEATOBAG® For Sustainability

With growth in world population and income, along with marine protein’s heart-healthy benefit and wild caught supply declining, Aquaculture production is projected to reach 109 mil tons in 2030. To support this increasing growth trend, Aquaculture Industry needs to embrace comprehensive sustainability measures and action on sustainable outcomes.


SEATOBAG® want Aquaculture to be right from the start and not become another feedlot industry in the ocean. 


We commit to develop technologies for a sustainable, robust and resilient food system to bring environmental, health and social benefits for global economies.


In our inaugural voluntary Sustainability Report 2022, we elaborate on our Environmental, Social and Governance performance and impact. We provided an insight how SEATOBAG® biotechnology solutions will be able to tackle the challenge of food security and meet the needs of a global population.


In the coming years, our management team has the drive and belief to even further our contributions to the aquaculture value chain.

SEATOBAG® Sustainability Report 2021

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