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biocrobeX™ Postbiotic

Effecting a Sustainable and Resilient Food Ecosystem.

The Principle Behind


As the saying goes, ‘We Are What We Eat’. It is crucial we have natural and clean food - food that is sustainably grown with highest standards in health and food safety with reduced environmental footprint.


Aquaculture Biotechnology is a critical vehicle to drive the supply of quality Blue Foods and sustainable Green Growth in the food industry to benefit humanity.


It is this principle that is SEATOBAG®’s driving force for our Today’s Innovations for Tomorrow’s Aquaculture Industry. We are driven to study and develop biotechnological solutions to enable sustainable farming of food with consistent quality and stable quantity for humanity, with strong commercial sustainability for the aquaculture industry. It is the steadfast commitment of our team of scientists and management at SEATOBAG®.


To be the most trusted provider of biotechnology solutions that give consistency in food safety and achieve food security of food sources for humanity as well as provide commercial sustainability for all partners in the supply chain towards the future.


We develop breakthrough biotechnologies for a sustainable, robust and resilient food ecosystem to bring environmental, health, social and economic benefits for global economies through the growth and productivity of nature-positive foods.


We commit to develop technologies for a sustainable, robust and resilient food system to bring

environmental, health and social benefits for global economies.  


Our History


In 2018, SEATOBAG® is founded to bring the freshest seafood from the world's second-largest uninhabited mangrove island, Pulau Kukup to the tables of consumers. Since 1979, this is home to many aquaculture farms on water where the freshest seafood is cultivated for the table. Every day, several tons of seafood originate from these waters to feed us.


However, this rich biodiversity of that sea is at high risk of being adversely affected. The livelihood of the fish farmers will not be sustainable if they continue with current farming practices.   

Albert Tay, Managing Director and Founder, SEATOBAG®, saw the sustainability challenge for Pulau Kukup’s Ecosystem as well as the future of Aquaculture on the island. He believes with today’s advancement in science and technology, much more can be done.

Hence, SEATOBAG® pioneered farming using postbiotics in feeding our livestock - LACTOSEAFOOD® fishes. LACTOSEAFOOD® fishes are tested to be significantly healthier and richer in taste due to their improved gut health as well as farming without chemicals or drugs. Additionally, our aquaculture farming produces nature-positive livestock that enables restorative properties in the ocean where we farm.  


With this proven success to sustainably farm quality Blue Food, SEATOBAG® Team is motivated in making

a positive contribution to produce nature-positive Blue Foods for humanity and a Green Growth Aquaculture Industry.


It All Started With The Mangrove Ecosystem

Mangrove Ecosystem is of great productivity and biodiversity to the benefit of humanity: this ecosystem provides plant products, as filtration of terrestrial runoff, act as coastal stabilisation against storm impacts, and as an excellent nursery ground for fisheries species.


Besides being a ‘carbon sink’ to mitigate climate change, the Mangrove Ecosystem is a hotspot of biodiversity as they form the foundation for highly productive and biologically rich ecosystems. These ecosystems play host to a rich biological diversity of plants, animals and microorganisms. Microbes, an important component of the mangrove environment serves as a valuable source for many biotechnology products for medicinal compounds like vitamins, antitumor agents, immunosuppressants and enzymes.



SEATOBAG® focus our R&I in understanding the Mangrove Microbial Ecosystem and explore the potential of microbial diversity for its applications in aquaculture.


Our Science Team innovated and cultured our proprietary postbiotics - biocrobeX™ that fundamentally expanded our development of sustainable aquaculture farming applications – Miiiome™ Aquaculture System, Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (Fermented) and LACTOSEAFOOD® with Postbiotics as quality Blue Food.  


biocrobeX™ has the remarkable capability to facilitate further innovation and development of biotechnological solutions beyond aquaculture into the Food Industry. SEATOBAG® Team is continuing in our R&I to realise the potential of biocrobeX™.


Applications and Products

Producing Blue Food with Miiiome Aqua Feed (Fermented) 

Sustainably Farmed LACTOSEAFOOD®  With Food Safety and High Nutrition 

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With SEATOBAG® Microbiome Technology,  Your Aquaculture Farming is made:







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