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biocrobeX Postbiotic for Aquaculture

‘Postbiotic compounds have been shown in studies to have antibacterial (pathogenic and spoiler bacteria) effects, preventing infectious diseases and food spoilage.’  

Postbiotics are found to promote the healthiness of the host with their antibacterial effects, ability to enhance immunity and act against pathogens. They have advantages over probiotics in their availability in pure form, ease of production and storage, availability to scale up for industrial production capacity, have a specific mechanism of action, give better accessibility of microbes associated molecular pattern (MAMP) during recognition and interaction with pattern recognition receptors (PRR), and a greater likelihood of eliciting only targeted responses via specific ligand-receptor interactions.

Postbiotics as Dynamic Biological Molecules for Antimicrobial Activity: A Mini-Review)


Believing in these beneficial properties of postbiotics are effective for marine life, SEATOBAG® Science Team centres on Nature’s aqua life nursery – the Mangrove Microbial Ecosystem to select microbes for culturing our proprietary postbiotics – biocrobeX postbiotic for aquaculture farming.


biocrobeX™ Postbiotics boost the aquaculture system's productivity without affecting the environment and delivers fishes as functional food that is super-charges with nutrients.

Our Science Team used biocrobeX™ postbiotic to produce Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (fermented).

SEATOBAG® Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (fermented) provided the right nutrition as the health benefits to the fishes were realised promptly.

biocrobeX™ postbiotic proves an excellent aggregator to stimulate health benefit in fishes!


biocrobeX™ Postbiotic Improves Fish Gut Microbiota



biocrobeX™ Postbiotics formulated in Miiiome™ Aqua Feed works to predominantly improves the fish gut’s microbial environment that significantly influence the relationship between the gut microorganisms and free amino acids or fatty acids like the Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) that greatly effect the flavour and quality of the fish meat.


Miiiome™ Aqua Feed formulated with biocrobeX™ Postbiotic has achieved to produce healthier food fish - LACTSEAFOOD®, with remarkable tastiness and nutrients for the consumers.

“It was speculated that the contents of free amino acids and fatty acids in muscle might be affected by the difference of gut microbiota, thus affecting the taste and nutritional quality.”

Yuting Lu; Peijun Zhang; Wei Li; Jia Liu; Xinchi Shang; Yi Cheng; Yuehong Li.
Comparison of gut microbial communities, free amino acids or fatty acids contents in the muscle of wild Aristichthys nobilis from Xinlicheng reservoir and Chagan lake, Jan 2022


Research Reference:

biocrobeX™ Postbiotic Acts as Biopreservation

Application of biocrobeX™ Postbiotic is used along the whole food processing and packaging of our food fish – LACTOSEAFOOD® products. biocrobeX Postbiotic’s antimicrobial effects against spoilage causing and microorganisms and their metabolites preserves the natural quality, taste and nutrients of our food fish.


The antimicrobial peptides prevent the growth of undesirable microorganisms when fresh harvest of fishes is being cleaned and cut for packing. In addition, biocrobeX™ Postbiotic application on the surface on each food fish before vacuum-packed for blast freezing, enables the food fish to retain its natural tastiness and freshness for a longer time than normal.


An independent laboratory conducted a laboratory test on a > 2-year-old LACTOSEAFOOD® Four Finger Threadfin to ascertain its food safety viability has shown the subject was tested safe for consumption. biocrobeX™ postbiotic demonstrated to be an effective and safe biopreservation for foods.



“Additionally, the combination of microbial metabolites with one or more other hurdles, such as a different packaging system (MAP or vacuum packaging) or the addition of another natural antimicrobial (essential oils, etc.) or nano-engineered compounds, greatly enhances the overall antimicrobial activity and thereby increases the shelf-life of the FFPs.”


Rathod, N.B.; Nirmal, N.P.; Pagarkar, A.; Özogul, F.; Rocha, J.M.

Antimicrobial Impacts of MicrobialMetabolites on the Preservation of Fish and Fishery Products: A Review with Current Knowledge. Microorganisms 2022


Research Reference:

Certificate of Analysis on LACTOSEAFOOD® Fourfinger Threadfin after 22 months


Miiiome Aqua Feed (Fermented) Achieves Higher Nutritional Value

Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 1.29.46 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 1.30.11 PM.png

Table: Nutritional content comparison based on samples taken from whole fish.

The comparison in nutritional content highlights fish farmed with Miiiome Aqua Feed (fermented) can be a sustainable source of nutrition to consumers. The higher oil content of fish on Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (fermented) is also evident from laboratory analysis conducted on various LACTOSEAFOOD® products.

Miiiome Aqua Feed (Fermented) Improves Productivity

Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 1.36.24 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 1.36.59 PM.png

Table: Comparison of harvest times and FCR for fish farmed in MAS as compared to fish farmed in traditional farms using other foods.

With the application of biocrobeX™ Postbiotics formulated into Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (fermented), fish farmers gain high productivity and good yield with a reduced environmental footprint.


Increase efficiency of Feed Conversion Rate (FCR)


Farm responsibly and sustainably with no use of antibiotics and growth hormones


Lower mortality rate of their fish stock


Improve welfare of their fish stock with enhanced immunity






Produce richer tasting and high nutrient-rich food fish





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