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SEATOBAG® biocrobeX
Postbiotics for Aquaculture

Postbiotics are the healthy byproducts naturally produced by probiotics as part of their life processes. They are formed through fermentation when probiotics feed on prebiotics.

Unlike probiotics, which are live bacteria, postbiotics contain the metabolites that they produce. Postbiotics have several uses and have been found to promote host health through their antibacterial effects, ability to enhance immunity and act against pathogens. They have several advantages over probiotics, including their availability in pure form, ease of production and storage, scalability for industrial production capacity, specific mechanism of action, better accessibility of microbes associated molecular pattern (MAMP) during recognition and interaction with pattern recognition receptors (PRR), and a greater likelihood of eliciting only targeted responses via specific ligand-receptor interactions.

SEATOBAG® harnesses the power of postbiotics for sustainable and healthy aquaculture farming. We use our proprietary postbiotic - biocrobeX™, which is derived from the mangrove microbial ecosystem, to formulate our Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (Fermented).



How does biocrobeX affect fish immunity and disease resistance?


biocrobeX™ Postbiotic affects fish immunity and disease resistance by enhancing the antibacterial effects, immunity and pathogen resistance of the fish through postbiotic compounds. Postbiotics modulate the fish gut microbiota, which plays a key role in immune system development and function. biocrobeX™ Postbiotic can also act as immunostimulants, increasing the activity of antioxidant enzymes and the expression of immune-related genes in fish.

How does biocrobeX improve fish meat quality and flavour?


biocrobeX™ Postbiotic improves fish meat quality and flavour by modulating the fish gut microbiota, which affects the content of free amino acids and fatty acids in the muscle. Free amino acids and fatty acids are important indicators of flavour and nutritional quality of fish meat.

How does biocrobeX act as a biopreservative?


biocrobeX™ Postbiotic is non-viable microbial products that are produced during fermentation or enzymatic treatment of food products. They include cell wall components, metabolites, and enzymes that have been shown to have antimicrobial properties. These properties make them effective as biopreservative preventing the growth of spoilage bacteria and extending the shelf life and freshness of the food fish.

Certificate of Analysis on LACTOSEAFOOD® Fourfinger Threadfin after 22 months

An independent laboratory conducted a laboratory test on a > 2-year-old LACTOSEAFOOD® Four Finger Threadfin to ascertain its food safety viability has shown the subject was tested safe for consumption. biocrobeX™ postbiotic demonstrated to be an effective and safe biopreservation for foods.


With the application of biocrobeX™ Postbiotics formulated into Miiiome™ Aqua Feed (fermented), fish farmers gain high productivity and good yield with a reduced environmental footprint.


Increase efficiency of Feed Conversion Rate (FCR)


Farm responsibly and sustainably with no use of antibiotics and growth hormones


Lower mortality rate of their fish stock


Improve welfare of their fish stock with enhanced immunity






Produce richer tasting and high nutrient-rich food fish





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